Gamma Goddess Mastermind

“To the light leaders, conscious entrepreneurs & soulful babes running online, service-based businesses….

This one’s for you.”

If you’re a conscious boss babe who is amazing at the work you do but you're not yet seeing the results reflected externally in your business growth or bank account..

It’s time to lace your soul work with systems and strategies you need to scale your business online sustainably, so you can increase both your impact on the planet as well as the income in your bank account, without burning yourself out.

No need to keep hustling trying to figure out this whole “entrepreneur” thing on your own and risk adrenal fatigue (been there, trust me–you don’t want that).

Instead, join the conscious collective of other boss babes learning the key components, framework, strategies and methodologies for growing and scaling their online biz.

Basically, you tune into this being a full body YES for you, and we teach you how to refine and optimize your entire business model.

Here's What You'll Learn...

You’ll be able to create and deliver your streamlined offer designed perfectly for you optimal ideal client with ease.

You’ll learn how to show up on social like an embodied thought leader in your industry, knowing how to connect, nurture, and influence your audience in a way that’s soulful and magnetizing.

Your sales process will begin to feel light and fruitful as you learn how to prequalify clients and create a powerful experience that educates and excites them about working with you before they ever get on the phone.

You’ll be able to create your entire automated funnel that you can then put ad spend behind to increase your reach and grow your audience size.

And finally, you’ll begin building a team that feels more like family— stepping into the next phase of leadership by hiring so you can start living fully in your zone of genius in the business 24/7


In this evolutionary 4 month mastermind, we dive deep into everything business and marketing combining both systems, strategies, soul and sisterhood to help you evolve your business and your heart at warp speed.

Get ready to hop off of the struggle bus and break up with hope marketing for good!

It’s everything a boss babe could ever want or need in supporting you on growing and scaling your business online– without the fluff or overpromised b.s.

Especially for the boss babes and light leaders leading the way in coaching, consulting, or any other type of personal brand that delivers an online service— this may just be the perfect fit in enabling you to create both more impact and more profit through your business.

We’re not here to waste your time or use you as a guinea pig.

We know where you are and we know what you need, because we’ve been there too. Everything we teach you inside this mastermind is a proven tool that we have tested in our business model along with 100’s of our students who have also had massive success in growing and scaling online.

And instead of jumping from online course to online course, or from coach to coach, we’ve done all the hard work for you and have found a beautiful way to lace literally EVERYTHING you need to know from head to toe to launch and grow your business online.

Whether you’re just starting out with your
first few clients, or you’re ready to hire team and develop a more scalable model because you’re
at capacity — we’ve got you covered.

Rise Into Your Higher Self In Both
Life & Business Through The 3 Elements Of The Gamma Goddess Mastermind:


Your business will only grow to the capacity of which you’ve first grown yourself which is why we go DEEP into the soul work that needs to happen for you to evolve into and fully embody your highest self. Each week, you are deeply supported by mentors who fully see you through intimate group coaching calls where they hold space for you offering reflections in all aspects of business, marketing, and soul. We support you in getting back into your feminine flow.


There’s nothing more sacred than the sisterhood that is created inside each cohort of this mastermind. Each woman is intentionally selected and carefully curated to ensure we have a high vibe tribe of conscious leaders committed to growth. You’ll have eternal access to an online container where you can connect daily with your sisters in slay, receive real time support from your mentors, and share whatever is present for you as you move through the seasons of your business.


The most practical and important element of what we teach comes down to the frameworks, methodologies, and technologies that we break down for you simply and easily inside our curriculum. Laying out brick by brick all the foundations for building the self sustaining machine that is your business. It’s like getting your master’s degree in online business and marketing. 😉

Here’s a deep dive into the
curriculum you’ll be learning, implementing, executing & embodying:

Here is a deep dive into the curriculum you will be learning implementing, executing and embodying

Phase 1:
Embodiment & Soul Alignment

If you’re a service based boss babe, then you know how important it is to embody the woman you want to be in your business. This is where we will help you get crystal clear on what type of business you actually need to create specifically around the type of lifestyle you want to live. We set the intention of your business so you always feel in alignment with it.

We will work together in designing a deep self care and self love routine that sets you up for a season of flow, surrender and trust so you can operate from a place of feminine flow eliminating the burnouts and mental/emotional breakdowns as much as possible. Bringing you into a place of surrender and embodiment in your business.

Phase 2:
Messaging and Positioning

Once you’re clear on who you be in the world, we’ll dive deep into aligning your messaging and positioning in a way that magnetizes your ideal client. We will support you in refining and identifying who your ideal client is at the core and teach you how to speak to them in a way that creates deep connect, trust, and credibility.

You’ll learn how to position yourself as an authority in your industry and most importantly, we will support you in building, nurturing, and growing your online community with an audience that’s highly curated and prequalified in a strategic way through our proven strategies and systems.

Phase 3:
Your Core Methodology & Main Offers

Here is where we take your business to the next level as we begin to extrapolate and develop your core methodology for the work that you do. Once we nail down your methodology, we will work together to map out your signature offers based on the business model you want to create.

Whether this is group, 1:1, or a self study course, our goal is to ensure you have maximum scalability and a long term plan that will allow you to create the most impact in the world while also increasing your profit AND maintaining your freedom/spaciousness.

We will also dive deep in looking at the overall structure, delivery, features, attributes, and, of course, your pricing, to ensure everything is on par to create consistent revenue for you and massive results for your clients. Allowing you to build a powerful reputation in your industry.

Sales Systems & Processes

Now that you know exactly who you are serving and what you are selling, we will teach you the most soulful way to navigate a high ticket sales conversation that feels yummy for you AND your potential client.

Never done high ticket sales calls before? We’ve got you. We teach you our step-by-step framework so you know the ins and out of how to appropriately work through a powerful sales conversation that leaves the client feeling empowered and ready to take action.

You’ll learn how to lovingly hold space for your potential clients as they move through objections like time, money, needing to think about it, or even needing to talk to their partner– in a way that allows them to feel fully seen, heard, and supported by you versus feeling manipulated or forced into it.

Most importantly, we spend the time to teach you how to highly value your time and energy for sales calls by ensuring you ONLY connect with potential clients that are fully educated in what you do, how you can help them, and are ready to dive in. No more fighting for authority or trying to prove your worth- you’ll finally know how to appropriately prescreen, prequalify, and educate your audience in a way that they become OBSESSED with you be and can hardly wait to connect with you on a call.

Organic Social Media Marketing

In this part of the program, we teach you the frameworks to understand and master the different strategic types of content including: educational, inspirational, behind the scenes, philosophies/beliefs, invitations and offers, community, PR, stories,”asks”, engagement, and so much more.

You’ll learn how to create copy from a place of soul by finding your own voice and learning how to clearly and concisely communicate your message to your audience in a way that’s magnetizing. In essence, you’re learning how to become an influencer and real time thought leader in your space.

Once you become a total copywriting guru, we’ll dive deep into showing you how to best strategically distribute your content amongst your social platforms and email marketing with step-by-step outlines of ratios and frequencies based on what season you’re in with your business.

Fun fact: With the methodologies we teach in this module alone, clients have been able to close upwards of $26k months WITHOUT a sales page or crazy ads and funnels.

Designing Your Funnel

If you’re always doing everything in your business, then your business is running you. Which is why we want to support you in building out an automated (or semi automated) funnel that increases your reach, impact, and visibility consistently– even when you’re deep in meditation or asleep.

Here we teach you how to build your entire marketing funnel– from your actual content that you’re promoting to all the emails in between–More importantly, you’ll receive access to tons of examples of what great work looks like AND we review everything and help you refine (and give tons of feedback) so you know it’s golden before you put it into the world.

You’ll either be in the process of refining your current funnel or creating from scratch your entire marketing funnel which hosts your lead magnet, email nurture sequence, and ads (to run paid traffic to your lead magnet). We will also teach you how to organically market this to your audience.

By the end of this part of the program, you have your entire lead generation process created and are ready to start growing your reach outside of your organic audience so you’re reaching people you would have never met before.

Team and Scaling

Ready to have your business working for you so you can get back to living the dream? Let’s talk team.

Truth bomb alert: If your business cannot operate without you, you don’t have a real business. YOU are the business. And that, is not scalable or sustainable. *Cue massive ego cringe

Let’s be really clear here, you only have so much time, energy, and frequency in a day– and if you really want to scale past the ceiling you’ve been hitting WITHOUT completely burning out or having weekly mental/emotional breakdowns, you need to build a team that loves you, sees you, and supports the business vision just as much as you do.

And yes, there is a way to do this that feels yummy for everybody.

We’ll teach you how to get clear on what you need to hire out for, how to find, onboard, and train your magical unicorn. And of course, how to compensate your team as you continue to grow into your zone of genius while also making a shit ton of money.

Drop the ego and say hello to your soul.

Ready to evolve like a spiritual mo’fo in your business?

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Hear it straight from the other boss babes
just like you, who’ve worked directly with us in growing and scaling their business’s online.

Meet Evin, a dating and love life coach who was able to grow and scale her business from her largest month of $5k (before we started working together) to ending 2018 with her highest profit month ever.

We did a LIVE interview with Evin 3 months after this video where she shares how she was able to continue growing her business by over 200%, sold out her group program, and successfully increased her 1:1 pricing.
Watch the replay RIGHT HERE!

Meet Nadine, a social media manager who created her first group mentorship program from scratch and filled up all 10 spots a month before her program start date all through organic social media marketing.

Meet Kirsten, an internet marketing specialist who was able to triple her revenue in the first 6 weeks of the beta program (the Business Ignitor) and developed the foundations for the systems in her business so she can scale with much more ease.

Meet Chris, a career coach who went from being overwhelmed with 1:1 clients to developing the systems, structure, and strategy needed so she can scale her business with much more ease AND make twice as much profit.

Ready to embody your higher self and elevate your business to the next dimension?

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Are you part of the sisterhood yet?!

Join the collective of other high vibe boss babes growing and scaling their business online. The Gamma Goddess Collective is a sacred curated container that I’ve created to build a sisterhood of women working towards embodiment in both life and business.

We set the intention of elevating our awareness, sense of self, and overall consciousness so we can be more present and abundant as we create more impact in the world through strategies in our business. You’ll be able to connect with other soul centered business babes, access to my live trainings, daily insights, and a lot more of my goofy side with all the soul fam that’s inside. 😉